Oct 27th: Frank Sinistra, Matthew Hedley Stoppard, Daron Carey, Matt McAteer


IEG Oct 2018

October sees Independent Electric Group present the latest creation from the mercurial Pieter Egriega, Frank Sinistra.

Frank is an ex-News of the World journalist, who now sings songs in a bar, whilst conducting his PR consultancy business. Meanwhile, his wife on whom he has cheated does not return his calls. Inside stories and saloon music from modern media. Critically acclaimed during his stint at this year’s Buxton Fringe Festival, and following his success at winning the Fringe Small Group Award winner 2016, it’s a pleasure to see Pieter returning to Chesterfield Labour Club.

Joining him on the night will be two of our favourite poets, Matthew Hedley Stoppard and Daron Carey, along with Chesterfield Labour Club’s resident genius on the cusp of the release of his magnificent debut album, the mighty Ichabod


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