February 24th: Poketful o’Nowt, James Hately, Emily Garcés, Ichabod & Matt McAteer

IEG Feb2018v2Following on from a blistering start to 2018 in January, Independent Electric Group are back with another stellar line up

Bringing their own inimitable brand of madness, mayhem and eclectic pop music this month are Pocketful o’Nowt, a one seen, never forgotten band of merrymakers, fronted by previous Labour Club guest Mike O’Brien, a man of wit and erudition with an interesting line in audience engagement.

James Hately is a shambolic figure of a man, bumbling confusedly through the everyday world, balancing reliable punchline punctuated patter with surrealist flights of fancy. A Magners Pub Comedian of the Year finalist and veteran of the Green Man Festival, James brings his simultaneously weird and accessible comedy to the Labour Club

Poetry this month comes from Spires Writes fave and ace artist Emily Garces and the line up is completed by the Labour Club’s resident songwriting genius and king of deadpan wit Ichabod

£5.00 entry, cheap bar, great crowd – see you down there